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What is boiler descaling good for?

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Over time, our boilers and heating systems are exposed to hard water and can experience scaling within the pipes and tanks.

To keep your heating system working at top efficiency, and to prevent maintenance costs down the line, you will need to ensure that your boiler is regularly cleaned by a qualified professional rather than getting a DIY Boiler Descaler.

Call in the professionals

Trained commercial heating engineers such as the team at Norton Group can carry out a full chemical descaling process that removes build-up from your system quickly and efficiently, without causing damage to the boiler or replacing any parts.

Chemical cleaning can be undertaken as part of a Planned Preventive Maintenance contract or during a service check. We may also recommend a thorough chemical clean in cases where poor performance or faults are reported, as sometimes this can be the cause of a sluggish heating system or overheating problems within the pipework.

Boiler cleaning may also prevent water-side boiler tube failure, which scaled deposits sometimes cause. Replacing a boiler or heating system is costly and time-consuming, so save yourself the expense and stress by arranging a thorough inspection and clean today.

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