Check your chimney to avoid winter blues

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As winter approaches many of us will be thinking of the beauty of a real fire to warm up on winter days, but they do come with a significant maintenance need. There are over 7,000 chimney fires in England each year, most of which are preventable. A good maintenance programme from reliable commercial heating engineers can put your mind at risk, and there are some top tips that you can follow to enjoy your real fire safely.

Get your chimney cleaned regularly: guidance is yearly for oil and gas fires, twice a year for coal and up to four times a year for wood fires. As well as making sure your chimney is cleaned the Norton Group can offer variety of inspection and procedures, including condition surveys, CCTV video reports and ultrasonic inspections, and depending what we find we can also offer you any maintenance required such as brick repairs, flue installation and repair and installing exhaust chimney fans.

Make sure your fire is properly extinguished when you go out or go to bed; check there are no embers still glowing, and have a fire guard to protect against embers spilling or sparks jumping out. The most common causes of chimney fires include burning unseasoned, wet wood, leaving wood smouldering unattended, the wrong-sized appliance for heating a room and sub-standard maintenance. However, with our help you can relax and enjoy your real fire.

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