The importance of using steam boiler specialists

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If you have a steam boiler on your premises, you’re hopefully aware that all steam boilers must undergo a five-year NDT, or non-destructive test. They must be inspected once a year for insurance purposes. Norton Mechanical can provide these inspection services, giving you peace of mind, and the satisfaction of knowing that your steam boiler is working safely and at the very best efficiency it can give you.

During the inspection of your steam boiler, cladding and lagging are taken off, exposing the boiler. Any seams or welded joints can be cleaned up before the NDT begins. If we come across any problems at all during the inspection, we will notify you immediately, and can provide repairs which will make your boiler safe for the NDT. Common finds during the inspection include issues surrounding expansion of tubes, tube replacement and dye testing. We can also clean up the boiler, service the valves and clean the boiler mountings and waterside.

Whether you’re looking for help with your five-year non-destruction test, or a simple annual inspection, Norton Group can help you out. Stay legal and protect yourself and your staff with an annual insurance inspection from the industrial heating specialists at Norton Mechanical.

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