Three warning signs that tell you your boiler needs maintenance

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Even in summer, sorting out a broken boiler can be time consuming, inconvenient and sometimes expensive. The key to boiler maintenance is being prepared. Watch out for any warning signs that you may need a commercial heating engineer or plumber.

1. Leaks

Any water escaping from the heating system is always a bad sign. Leaking boilers cost more to run and can lead to a total failure or structural damage, so call your heating specialist immediately if you find any water pooling around a boiler.

2. Rust

Boilers will start to exhibit corrosion if they have leaks, or suffer a lack of maintenance and cleaning. Look for stains or flakes of rust around the seams of a boiler unit, pipes and vents. These can lead to serious problems which require professional repair.

3. Noise

Should your boiler exhibit unusual noises, speak to your plumber or commercial heating contractor immediately. Listen for anything out of the ordinary, such as rattling or metallic clangs. These can be caused by various internal problems, from loose parts to a build-up of unwanted deposits.

Remember, you’re better safe than sorry. A pre-emptive visit from a specialist allows you to dictate when to maintain your boiler, instead of you being caught out by a surprise breakdown.

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