Are your pipes making a racket?

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Have your pipes recently been making a lot of noise?

If you’ve been hearing a regular banging noise coming from your pipes, you’re probably wondering what is making such a racket. There are many reasons for this but luckily, it doesn’t mean there’s anything seriously wrong. So what could the issue be for this annoying noise?

The water pipes are loose

If the pipes aren’t properly strapped into place then they can move around when the water is going through them. If your house is old then this is a common occurrence.

Water hammers

When water is quickly being pushed into a different direction, water hammers occur. When you use utilities that use a lot of water such as dishwashers and toilets they are more likely to happen. This occurs when you turn on the tap. The valves in the pipes open up so that water flows through. When you turn the tap off quickly the pipes are all of a sudden deprived of air which means the pressure isn’t controlled as well.

Are you getting sick of your pipes making a racket in your home? Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!

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