Do I need a gas safety check?

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You will probably be familiar with a gas safety certificate, especially if you’re a landlord or living in a rented accommodation. Many people are unclear on the importance of having their property gas safe checked.

You DO need to get your property gas safety checked! Within your home or property, it is essential that all of your gas appliances are thoroughly checked annually.

This is something that must be done by law to make sure that people are safe in their homes. If there is an appliance in your home which is left unchecked then it could lead to harmful consequences, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. Read more about carbon monoxide here.

If you are one of the following then you are required by law to hold a gas safety certificate:

  • Local authorities
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Landlords
  • Universities
  • Many more

With Christmas round the corner you don’t want to anything to go wrong with the heating, especially if you’re a hotel / B&B as you would probably lose your customers!

Get your gas safety check to check for harmful substances such as carbon monoxide! Make sure you have a gas safety certificate in time for the holidays!

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