Three reasons why boiler inspections are crucial

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Whether you own a commercial or a domestic property in the UK, properly maintaining your heating system will be essential.

If you heat using a boiler, then it’s crucial you keep it in powerful working order all year round.

To do this, you will need regular inspections from qualified commercial heating contractors Otherwise, you risk doing serious damage to your building. Here are three good reasons to inspect your steam boiler:

1. It’s a legal requirement

If you own a boiler, a minimum level of maintenance is required by law every year. If you fail to provide this, you could find yourself in serious legal difficulty. This is particularly true if you own a commercial property or rent your building out to tenants.

2. It’s the only way to keep your boiler reliable

Without regular servicing from commercial heating engineers, a boiler simply cannot be relied upon to heat your home effectively and the risk of breakdown becomes far, far higher. Given how cold the winter gets in the UK, a broken boiler at the wrong time can be a nightmare.

3. It saves money

The cost of regularly inspecting your boiler pales in comparison to the cost of replacing it or repairing it. Don’t get into the habit of avoiding servicing to save on short term costs – it will be far more expensive in the long run.

To be sure your boiler runs at peak condition, trust the industrial heating specialists at Norton Mechanical. We have years of experience inspecting and maintaining commercial and domestic boilers across the UK.

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