Calorifier tube bundle repairs & re-tubing

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We have a lifetime of expertise in the cleaning, servicing, repair and installation of steam raising and humidification plant and are fully equipped to undertake works on the following.

Calorifier bundles

Hot Water Calorifiers can be found in both commercial and industrial environments where there is a need for a supply of hot steam or water. The only difference is that industrial Calorifiers are designed for a much larger scale as there will be a much larger quantity needed.


When it comes to repairing Calorifiers, it depends on how extensive damage on them is. For diagnostics a hydraulic pressure test is done in the first instance to determine the condition of the tube joints. For minor leaks, the tubes can potentially be slightly expanded again to the tube plate to re-establish the joint.


There are occasions where the Calorifier Bundle has to be tested and inspected in case of poor condition of material, leaks and so on. If any of these were to apply then a re-tube or replacement can be offered to the customer.

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