Specialist Welding Techniques

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Specialist Welding

Our workforce of fully qualified tradesmen includes skilled welders and fabricators who are conversant with site working conditions. Throughout this blog we are going to go into a few different specialist welding techniques which we offer to our customers.

Furnace Repairs

Heat from the Gas Heating System flows through a supply plenum and through heating ducts which carry the air throughout the house however, over time the joints where the plenum attaches to the furnace can wear down which can result in heat escaping. This would lead to the system losing its efficiency and the heating bills going up. If you notice this then it would be wise to call in a professional to fix the issue.

Complete Boiler Re-tube

Another service we offer at Norton is Home Boiler Maintenance & the re-tube of boilers. Boiler tubes need to be able to handle extreme pressure at high temperatures. If the tube can’t endure the pressure or heat then it may cause issues to the boiler later down the line. By re-tubing a damaged tube it can make the boiler last longer, which would save money in the long term.

Here at Norton we offer these services and more. Call us on 0800 4346596 now!

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