Reasons for Gas Pipe Repair & Installations

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Repairing gas pipes is a skill-intensive and labour-intensive task which is why it is better to leave it to a professional.  There are many risks in gas pipe repair & installations as you are dealing with highly flammable gases which require the correct materials. In this blog we are going to discuss why you might need Gas Pipe Repair or a new Gas Pipe Installation.

When would I need a new gas pipe?

When you purchase a new gas product such as a gas furnace, a stove or a water heater a new Gas Line is necessary, they can also be used for outside additions like grills and other purposes.

How will I know when my gas pipe needs repairing?

Gas pipe repair is mainly needed in the event of a leak; you can tell that there is a gas leak by the rotten smell it produces. If this happens to you then call a professional as soon as possible.

Here at Norton we undertake installing and repairing gas pipes.

If you need any assistance with your gas pipes call us on 0800 4346596

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