Pressure Gauge Re-calibration

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Most people will believe that the Pressure Gauge is an accurate tool at all times however, it can go out of calibration. To calibrate a pressure gauge you can use a dead weight tester, pneumatic calibrator or any other calibrator which is suitable. Here at Norton we provide Commercial Heating services including pressure gauge re calibrations for you, here is the process of calibrating a gauge:

• Clean the Device under Test (DUT) – the reason for cleaning the device is because it may be contaminated, if the gas was used on oil, water or has solid particles in it etc.

• Leaks Test – leaks can potentially lead to measurement errors which essentially make the gauges useless if they are portraying false information.

• Exercise the DUT – before starting the calibration we need to exercise the device. This means that the elastic elements in the gauge will mimic as if it was actually in the final stage.

• Cleaning device post-test – the last step is to make sure everything is in working order, cleaning the device after to make sure that the gauge hasn’t been exposed to contaminants and so on.

There is more to the process of Pressure Gauge Re-calibration however, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 4346596

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