Ultrasonic testing for joints, seams & exchangers

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Here at Norton we offer many services including Ultrasonic Testing. We use this testing on joints, seams & exchangers. Throughout this blog we are going to look into ultrasonic testing and what it does.

So what is it?

The testing is non-destructive, that measures the density or internal structure of a test piece through high Ultrasonic Frequencies sound waves.

How does it work?

The sound waves are very directional, they can travel through something like steel or plastic until they meet a restriction with something like air, at this point they reflect and go back to their source.

What are the advantages?

With it being a non-destructive test method, the item you’re using does not need to be cut. Only access to one side is necessary. There is no need to worry about any health hazards with this kind of testing, unlike radiography. When a test has been set up correctly, you can repeat the results and they are reliable.

What can you test it on?

You can use ultrasonic testing on many materials. For example you can use metals, plastics, ceramics which the most popular materials used for ultrasonic testing. Wood & paper products are the only common materials which would not be suitable for the testing.

At Norton we offer various forms of non-destructive testing including ultrasonic testing. Call 0800 4346596 now!

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