Common problems for you and your plumber

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Regardless of what type of building it is or how good the initial plumbing job was, at some point down the line there’s a good chance you’re going to experience issues with your pipes. Here are a few of the common problems your average plumber has to deal with.

Burst pipe

A burst or leaking pipe can cause a lot of damage and waste lots of water in little time. Even a residential house can lose up to 400 litres an hour.

Although various factors can be the cause, one of the most likely is water expanding as it freezes into ice and pressuring the pipe from the inside as a result.

Tree roots

The combination of water, oxygen and nutrients abundant in sewers provides excellent sustenance for tree roots, and their attempts to reach it can cause leaks or even complete blockages in the pipes.

Alongside being an expensive procedure to perform, sometimes the damage can be so severe that entire pipes have to be replaced.


Over time materials such as galvanised steel and iron can corrode piping. This is a problem faced largely by older buildings, as galvanised pipes were used often before the second world war.
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