Planned, Preventative Maintenance and reducing costs

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For many commercial businesses, reducing energy costs is a major consideration when it comes to profitability. Company directors constantly bemoan how keeping a building at the right temperature impacts the bottom line; an impact that bites even harder if the equipment responsible breaks down. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, which is why a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) package is regarded as an essential support contract for many companies in the current climate.

Reducing the risk (and the cost) of plumbing and heating equipment failing is beneficial to any business in the long run and preventative maintenance is clearly a common-sense approach. A number of reputable commercial heating contractors are now carrying out regular equipment servicing as part of a PPM agreement. These accredited industrial heating specialists can maintain a full inventory of heating and cooling services in accordance with the HVCA Standard Maintenance Specification for Services in Buildings.

Research from commercial heating engineers suggests that some 60% of all equipment failures can be attributed to the maintenance support – or lack of it! To avoid the significant expense of equipment repair or replacement, an annually renewable PPM contract will prolong the life of the equipment; prevent any loss of man hours due to heating or plumbing issues and reduce overall operation costs.

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