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Autumn’s the time for heating maintenance

By September 8, 2017 No Comments

The nights are drawing in and there’s a chill in the air, both reminders that we’re heading into the colder months of winter when our Central Heating Systems must work overtime to keep commercial buildings at the right temperature.

Reliable heating is vital, as employers are required to keep their workplace heated to a reasonable temperature, usually considered to be a minimum of 16 degrees Celsius, and failure to do so may mean employees going home. Therefore heating breaking down mid-winter has both an economic as well as physical impact, and is a headache most companies can avoid by inviting commercial heating engineers to carry out thorough Heating Maintenance before temperatures drop.

Commercial Heating contractors get extremely busy during winter – getting maintenance done during autumn means there’s more chance of scheduling the work at a time most convenient to you and your business. It’s also more straightforward to get work done when it’s not freezing cold outside. If any major problems are found with the heating systems, adequate repairs can be made in good time, reducing the risk of being left in the cold.

Regular repairs and tune-ups can save a company a lot of money by fixing problems before they grow into much bigger problems mid-winter. Plus, commercial heating specialists like us here at Norton Mechanical Ltd offer bespoke preventative maintenance packages to check and repair plumbing systems, emergency lighting systems, humidifiers and more, to ensure your commercial property is truly winter ready.

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