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Heating in the Summer

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It’s British summer time, and whilst it’s not exactly hot at the moment & most of us don’t need to heat our property at this time of year.

Install your Central Heating System while the sun shines! We are at that time of year when central heating installers have a bit of a dry patch and besides, no one wants to talk about heating in the height of summer.

The savvy amongst you will get this – you can take advantage of this weak business period prior to autumn and negotiate a harder deal on your commercial heating installation. In addition, many employees will be away on summer holidays so businesses are on down time, meaning you can get heating installed or updated with less disruption.

It’s not long until we hit the cool weather of autumn and the smart planner will get their property clad, insulated and winter-ready while the deals are there to be had. There are great Central Heating Boilers and other Types Of Central Heating with great deals available right now, so it’s time to get moving.

Why not get in touch with us? Here at Norton we provide top quality heating installations for you!

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