Don’t let large scale problems develop in plant equipment

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Limescale can be a problem for any equipment that regularly comes into contact with water, from your electric kettle at home, to commercial heating equipment. If left to build up, the mineral deposits can cause a number of serious problems and drastically shorten the life of the items in question.

Chemical de-scaling is an effective and efficient way to keep limescale at bay, ensuring everything keeps running smoothly and stays in top condition.

If scale is left to accumulate in items like boilers, condensers, cooling circuits and a number of other parts, they will eventually need to be fully replaced – a costly solution. Having them chemically de-scaled on a regular basis saves a considerable amount of money and keeps equipment in full working order.

Depending on the equipment, and what site conditions allow, some work may need to be carried out in our workshops, but otherwise can be done on site. For most items, the de-scaling will be carried out at ambient temperature, using a closed circulation method with a filtered sediment tank and pump.

Don’t wait until you need expensive replacements. Take a look at our services page for more information, or get in touch with our industrial heating specialists to discuss your needs.

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