Can your heating system take the pressure?

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If you haven’t had your commercial heating system tested for a while, you might find that you need to run a system check for insurance compliance and other issues.

A pressure test will reveal leaks that could develop into a much more expensive fix later on. So even if you aren’t required to run the test, it could be a cheap way to analyse your heating, detect any problems and make the whole thing more efficient. You’ll also save money in the long run if the engineer does find a leak.

Of course, it goes beyond that – you’ll know that the system is safe. In commercial HVAC, safety valves and condensers are kept under immense pressure and it’s good to know that they will not let go in the near future.

Make sure that specialist commercial heating contractors do the work, as some systems require the use of inert nitrogen gas and every job needs to be done right.

So if you haven’t had a test for a while, or even if you simply think it would be a good idea, make sure you get the right commercial heating engineers to pressure test your system.

Image pressure by Sean MacEntee licensed under Creative commons 4

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