Keeping Up With Your Energy Bill

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Here we’ve compiled a handy list of ways to keep on top of any unnecessary high numbers:

• Double-glaze your windows, and be careful of who from. The right company can save you £165 a year. Try to get three quotes, at least.
• Energy-saving lightbulbs can cut £55 from your yearly bill, and just one bulb saves £120 over its lifetime.
• Be mindful and turn the lights off when you’re using them, and keep appliances that remain in standby unplugged when not using them.
• Keep the washing machine under 30°C and be mindful of overusing the tumble drier.
• Keep dripping taps tightened and use the shower over the bath.
• Turning down the central heating from 20 to just 19° can shave £60 from your yearly bill. Keep it off when you’re out for the day.
• Energy companies offer the best deals online. Monthly direct debit options can also provide discounts for up to £100.
• Boilers can account for up to 79% of your fuel usage, so says the Energy Saving Trust. Replacing an old boiler can save as much as £240 a year, but don’t get one from your energy company; you won’t be able to see the benefits of the replacement with those charges! Be sure to get a new boiler installed by an independent, such as Norton-Group!

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