Maintaining Your Plumbing

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It is vitally important to take care of your Plumbing Systems. A lack of maintenance could be costly and create Plumbing Problems. This can result in damage to marshland and waterways, and be detrimental to your health and others.

If you’re connected to the sewage mains it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you aren’t here’s what to look out for:
• If your system is not designed for it, refrain from installing a spa bath or a waste disposal unit.
• Do not put food waste, oils, fats, bleach, disinfectant, stain removers, nappies or hygiene products in the system. Putting screens over the drains in your shower and bath can stop hair going down.
• Clean out the grease trap every three to twelve months, and de-sludge the primary tank every three to five years.
• Check with your local council to see what systems are approved.

Here are some short fixes for problems your system might have:

Clogged drain

• Pour half a cup of salt along with some boiling water down the drain, and flush with hot water.

Lack of water coming from the sink

• Check under the sink to see if the safety shutoff valve is open, and put the plug in the sink.
• Unscrew the aerator from the end of the tap, and give the parts a thorough clean.

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