Dispelling the myths about industrial heating!

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Large, spacious buildings, such as warehouses, can suffer a severe drop in temperature during the autumn and winter months. However, this doesn’t mean the workforce has to suffer by working in sub-zero temperatures! As industrial heating specialists, we’re pleased to advise there are plenty of heating options for industrial premises.

We’re also here to dispel the myths about the types of heating on offer and tell you why you should use the skills of commercial heating contractors to keep your workplace warm.

Some businesses think that turning off the heating when the temperature rises a little at certain times of day will save money. In fact, turning your heating off and on again frequently can wear out the components more quickly, eventually damaging them. Constantly heating and cooling the system can cause damage to your pipes at some point, leaving you with a bigger bill to repair them.

Another myth is that buildings with high ceilings can never get warm. Although heat does rise to the roof, options such as de-stratification fans can combat this by making your heating system more efficient, no matter how high your ceiling is.

There are many economically-friendly heating systems on offer, such as those using thermostats or timers to heat the workspace at certain times during the day, or when a specific temperature is reached.

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