Is your HVAC system socially responsible?

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Many companies have brought in their own social responsibility codes in a bid to build bridges with the local community and also to show the world at large that they care. Your HVAC system could ruin all your good work, though, and you might want to consider bringing it up to your own internal codes and calling in commercial heating contractors.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can be among the most energy intensive processes you have and can account for more than 15% of the electricity used by a given building in a lot of cases. Up to 30% of that cost can be waste.

So if you can reduce your energy consumption by a solid 5% simply by improving the efficiency of your building’s cooling system, then not only will that pay you back in the long term, it will also be in line with your business goals.

A more efficient system will save you money on each bill, improve the air quality in your building and it’s a clear commitment to the core values of your social responsibility initiatives. So, get in touch if you want to know how you can make your business a cleaner, happier and more environmentally friendly place in which to work.

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