Does your business’s chimney need a fan?

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Industrial chimneys can sometimes struggle to extract large quantities of pollutants; this can happen because the chimney is too narrow or because of the density or temperature of the smoke it has to cope with. If your chimney suffers from this problem, you may think that you need to replace it. However, this isn’t necessarily the case…

As industrial heating specialists, we can install and maintain exhaust chimney fans.

Chimney fans are specially-designed fans which can suck smoke and pollutants up through a chimney in order to vent them more quickly and efficiently. If your business’s industrial chimney has difficulty disposing of smoke and pollution, installing a chimney fan can make it much more effective. Of course, if your chimney already has a fan, it is possible that it may need repairing or replacing. Here at Norton Group, we can repair or service an existing fan or install a new, high-quality one that will enable your chimney to extract smoke for years to come.

If your business generates a large quantity of smoke, ordinary, unaugmented chimneys aren’t always sufficient to handle it. However, installing new chimney fans can enable your business to vent its smoke and pollutants without investing in a whole new chimney.

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