The importance of PPM in public buildings

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Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is important for any organisation that has a large flow of people coming into its building each day. This is never more pertinent than in public buildings such as hospitals, universities and libraries, where the heavy footfall and legal implications for building administrators mean regular PPM is a must.

If you are pondering which PPM checks to carry out early in 2016, make sure you are ticking off all the essentials before you look any further. Think about having the fire alarms, water hygiene and emergency lighting looked at by professionals as a starting point.

Water hygiene can be ensured by periodical cleaning by trained professionals, such as commercial heating contractors. They will use chemical descaling techniques in line with health and safety regulations to ensure visitors to your building are drinking water that is safe. The removal of hard water scale from your boilers can also save money in the long run, by negating the cost of replacement due to deterioration.

These are among the most essential safety features for public buildings and checks should be carried out on a regular basis. In the case of fire alarms and lighting, once a month or more can be a sensible schedule.

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