Avoiding extra costs on old systems: valve refurbishment

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As mechanical systems get updated, so do the parts they’re composed of. The cost of not having up-to-date equipment becomes apparent when the replacement of a leaky or faulty valve – simple if you have the newest systems – becomes a major and costly affair.

Changes in configurations can mean that the pipework itself has to be changed and adapted, an expensive piece of work but one which you might think you have no choice over as valves are so vital to the efficiency of most industrial processes. Valves provide a safe operating environment and can ensure product quality as well as environmental responsibility.

However, at Norton Group, we are experts in mechanical engineering, and we offer a valve refurbishment service to enable you to avoid the high cost of replacement. The valves are detached from the system and taken to specialist workshops to be tested, examined and repaired where necessary.

The importance of valves to an industry cannot be overplayed. A leaking valve can cost far more than just the replacement and even that is extremely costly. Avoid all of this by using our valve refurbishment service – we’ll ensure your needs are met without sky-high additional costs.

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