Keep the law on your side with dry riser maintenance

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Your dry riser is one of the key components in preventing fire damage to your building, and it’s really important to keep it maintained. Unlike a wet riser, your dry riser is kept free of water unless needed by the fire brigade in an emergency, so it’s easy to forget about it.

Worryingly, 60% of the UK’s dry riser systems are not currently being inspected and tested in line with British Standard (BS 9990:2006), meaning that it’s quite likely their building insurance is invalid. In order to meet those standards, maintenance must be carried out by a competent engineer, and Norton Group can provide that specialist service.

Testing a dry riser system involves pressure testing, where water is sent through the system at high pressure as it would be by the fire brigade in the event of a fire. Joins in pipework are then checked for leaks and damage. A visual check should also be carried out, ensuring that components like valves, washers, caps and chains are all in good condition.

Avoiding proper maintenance of your dry riser could not just be dangerous for the people in the building, but in the event of an incident, could result in prosecution for the property owner or managing agent. Book your dry riser maintenance with Norton’s mechanical engineering team today, and enjoy the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing your building’s life-saving equipment is in the best possible condition.

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