Why your pipes need as much attention as your boiler

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When it comes to maintaining your heating system, it is easy to focus on your boiler. After all, your boiler is the lynchpin of your heating system; your heating system will not work without it, and it can become unsafe if it is not properly maintained. However, it is also vital to regularly check and repair your gas pipes. Because it is so tempting to focus on your boiler, you may overlook the importance of your premises’ gas pipes when considering maintenance. Unfortunately, gas pipes can be incredibly dangerous if they are damaged. If gas is allowed to leak out from a damaged pipe, it could poison the building’s occupants or even be ignited. Broken gas pipes are just as hazardous as faulty boilers.

Luckily, as expert commercial heating engineers, we at Norton Group offer a variety of services to help you maintain the pipes used in your heating system. We can carry out gas safety checks and test the tightness of your gas pipe installations. We can also carry out nitrogen purging and even make repairs to damaged pipes.

You are likely to use your heating system more frequently and for longer periods over the winter, which may put a slight additional strain on your pipes. Pipes can also be damaged by intensely cold weather itself. As experienced industrial heating specialists, we would recommend having your pipes checked at least once over the winter period.

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